The FNS series foam dispensing guns are compatible with the following Todol Products screw-top gun foam products.  Todol foam products using a plastic straw tube to dispense foam are not compatible with all Foam N’ Seal guns.

Todol gun cleaner
Todol Pur Gun Foam Cleaner (PC01)
Todol_purTodol Pur Fill 1G Gun Foam (GF01)
Todol Pur Fill 1G

Todol Pur Fill 1G 600 Gun Foam (CW01)

Todol Pur Stick

Todol Pur Stick Gun Foam Adhesive (PS01)


Todol Pur Black Gun Foam (BF01)


 Todol IPF Foam (IPF01)

Other Todol products that are compatible with Foam N’ SEal guns: Fireblock Foam, EZ Flo Gun Foam, Pur Fill, Pur Fill Cold Weather, and Pur Fill Window Foam
The Foam N’ Seal (FNS200, FNS300, FNS500) foam guns are great alternatives to the Todol Pur Shooter Plus, Pur Shootr, Pageris ECO, Pageris, and Pageris Long Barrel foam guns