ABS plastic handle designed for comfortable grip
Teflon coated adjustable foam control for precision foam dispensing
Teflon coated gun body, gun barrel, needle and dispenser tip.
Teflon coated check valve ball bearing. Teflon adapter basket makes it easier to remove empty foam cans. Cleaning is easier too.
> Teflon Body, Adapter & Barrel
> Quality Parts for Long Life
> Dependable Workhorse
Professional Foam Dispensing Gun
Than Competitor Foam Guns


The FOAM N’ SEAL™ FNS500 is our premium foam dispensing gun used by many professionals in the weatherization of residential and commercial buildings. The dependable FNS500 dispenses consistent foam or adhesive every time and allows precise control of foam dispensing for filling small gaps, cracks and voids and is ideal for filling door and window door jamb voids.

The polyurethane foam dispenser is engineered for long life with quality parts and has a Teflon® (PTFE) coated gun body, canister adapter basket and gun barrel. The internal stainless steel needle rod controlling the flow of foam and check valve are also Teflon coated. The same PTFE material used in non-stick cooking ware is used to coat our pro foam guns. Unlike some competitors that use inferior quality PTFE, we sourced our PTFE from Europe it is specially formulated with high premium ingredients to achieve an extremely low coefficient of friction (resistance to objects over its surface) as well as to improve resistance to cold flow or creep, reduce wear friction, and increase in PTFE adhesion, coating stiffness and surface hardness.

The FNS500 is compatible with most polyurethane foam sealants and adhesives products that use a screw-on thread adapter on the top of the foam canister. Foam sealant products that are compatible include Great Stuff Pro, Handi-Foam, Handi-Seal, Touch ‘n Foam and Touch ‘n Seal.

The FNS500 has been thoroughly field tested and is continuously been improved over the years. It has proven itself to be a quality and dependable workhorse in the weatherization market space.

The FNS500 offers better value and has comparable or superior features when compared to other polyurethane foam gun brands. It is an excellent professional foam gun substitute for the Dow Great Stuf Pro 13, 14 and 15, Fomo Handi-Tools,  Hilti CF DS-1 Foam Dispenser, and Convenience Touch ‘n Foam and Touch ‘n Seal Sharpshooter gun foam applicators.


■ Comparable or surpasses all major brand foam dispenser guns on the market
■ Premium gun engineered with thicker gauge metal for long gun life
■ TEFLON coated stainless steel canister adaptor, needle and check valve
■ TEFLON coated gun body and barrel for easy foam canister loading and removal
■ Adjustable foam bead control allows variable foam bead size control
■ Foam shut off feature
■ Barbed dispenser tip for use with plastic straw extenders for hard to reach areas.
■ Less foam waste compared to straw dispensers
■ No post-dispensing insulation foam drip
■ Restartable for up to 30 days


■ 12.75″ Length
■ 8.5″ high
■ 11.1 oz
■ Includes two 8″ long flexible plastic straw tubes for extended reach and two 2” narrow tip plastic nozzles for fine foam dispensing. Additional 8″ plastic straws and 2″ narrow tip nozzles are available for purchase via our online store

Optional 8″ plastic extension straw tubes (sold in pack of 5)


Optional 2″ narrow tip nozzle (sold in pack of 10)


* All FNS series foam guns are not compatible with foam sealant and adhesive products that use a plastic straw to dispense foam.


*Great Stuff, Fomo Handi-Tools, Touch ‘n Foam and Touch ‘n Seal are all registered trademarks of their respective companies.